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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2005|08:09 am]
[mood |sadPatrick's Leaving!]
[music |Kanye West]

Um Lauren, Do u want to get our nails done finally on Sat???? It'll be FUUUN! Plus IM paying!!! Im sleeping over Fri if KT doesnt call and if I sleep over, my mom will pick us up and drop us off at ur house unless u want to go SHOPPING!! Which I do! Jus Call Me! XoXo Ali
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Cinderella [Jun. 26th, 2005|12:56 am]

[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Kids In America- No Secrets I think]

Okay I made this Cinderella layout because I thought it would be so awesome! Here is the link- http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/4311682/797052. It's the journal layout for this until I make it's own customized one later on today because it's 12:58 Am early sunday mornin and I need sleep now! <3 Lauren
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Tinkerbell and Ariel layouts [Jun. 25th, 2005|09:52 pm]

[mood |creativecreative]
[music |Energy- Natalie]

ok I just made two layouts a Tinkerbell and Ariel one, they can be changed and customized. Here are the urls. Tink-http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/4310140/797052 and Ariel- http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/4310279/797052. Feel free to usse them. I will be making a Cinderella layout too. Ariel was requested by Alicia and Tink was made for my other journal. I will post the Cinderella one later when I finish it. <3 Lauren
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Apply Here [Jun. 23rd, 2005|04:25 pm]

[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Listen To Your Heart- DRT]

Apply here

So you want to be an artist? Well you have come to the right place. Just comment below with the application in the community information and you'll be on your way until I make the final decision. If you do get it you will have a chance at being a moderator. Your trust has to be earned because I have seen co-mods that get mad and destroy a community. Which I will not allow. So if you're not accepted as a mod accpet being artist put a smile on and continue about your business. Thank you <3 Lauren
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Hi [Jun. 23rd, 2005|12:03 pm]

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |We Belong Together- MC]

Okay the Frankie background I made myself and if you want something like that, then I can do that with other artists. I can find a pic or you can submit one or a few as the base and I can work around it. I have a bit of a Fankie obsession but when I do get the chance I will change the layout at least every month dependin if I can. I do have a life outside graphics but yeah. I'll pust up votes for who should or what should be our background. Well I'm going to work on some more graphics. <3 Lauren
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